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I am not an expert on makeup, but in 2010 I made a resolution to start looking more polished for work. I found the best way to learn was through YouTube beauty bloggers. So three years and many YouTube videos later, here are my favorite beauty blogs, and how to find your own favorites in eight quick steps. I've split these into professional and personal beauty bloggers.

Professional Beauty Bloggers

These are the pros, who show videos on how to do makeup on other people. My favorites are:

Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge

Lisa does makeup for celebrities and editorials like VOGUE, so she's right at the top of the totem pole. She has videos showing makeup on herself, models and on ordinary girls. She is very light-handed, which I like.

My favorite tip? Pinpoint concealing blemishes with a fine-tipped brush. It works. Try it.

Wayne Goss

Wayne Goss

Goss Makeup Artist

Wayne is one of the first beauty bloggers I started watching on YouTube. I like his attitude - "It's only makeup". That is, don't be afraid to experiment - if you get it wrong, just wash it off.

I also like that he admits that there's no single right way to do things, giving you videos like 5 ways to apply concealer and 10 different ways to apply foundation.

Kirsten Hess and Amy Nadine

Kirsten Hess and Amy Nadine

The Beauty Department

Amy does the makeup and Kristen does the hair on this great step-by-step blog for those who would rather read than watch videos.

It has a very useful series on suitable hair cuts for your face shape. Did you know there are 7 face shapes? Find yours, and then search for the follow-up blog post on the right hair style for your face. Mine is round.

Personal Beauty Bloggers

Rae from  The Raeviewer

Rae from The Raeviewer

These are people who try out makeup on themselves.  In this instance, I like to choose those who are the most like me. For example, the blog The Raeviewer works well for me. She has the same coloring and skin texture as me, she always looks polished and she reviews the higher-end products. Snap! She's sort of my doppelganger who spends a lot of time on makeup so that I don't have to. For example, if I need lipstick I'll see which brands and colors she recommends, and then I buy it online knowing that there's a good chance they'll suit me well.

Here's how to find a beauty blogger that suits you on YouTube.

  1. Go to this link -
  2. It shows a list of beauty and fashion bloggers with the ones with the most subscribers on the top (roughy). You can see this on the right.
  3. Find the ones that have a similar coloring as you, and the look that you aspire to.
  4. Click on their names to view their YouTube channel.
  5. Select "Videos"
  6. Sort the videos by "most popular"
  7. Watch one of these videos to get a sense of their best work.
  8. Subscribe if you've learned something!

If you have never subscribed on YouTube before, nothing scary happens. You just see their new videos as they are posted on your YouTube home page.

What are your favorite beauty blogs? And what other methods do you use to find beauty blogs you want to follow? Please let me know in the comments.

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