London's Marylebone High Street

London's Marylebone High Street

I'm based in New York but spend a third of my time in London. When I'm there, I always visit Marylebone High Street. Marylebone is home to Tyler Brule, Sherlock Holmes and Madonna. Its high street is city-central but has a neighborhood feel. Come with me for a weekend walk down this street:

1. Conran Shop

This shop anchors the north end of the street. It's huge - three stories of converted stables filled with homewares, like one of Conran's interiors books come to life. We could spend hours in here.

2. Daunt Books

Further down the street is Daunt Books. We can go to the back of the store and imagine we're Henry Higgins in its double-story Edwardian book room.

3. Divertimenti

Across the road is Divertimenti, a well-curated cookwares shop. I like to go inside and pretend I am a domestic goddess ("hmm, these egg coddlers could come in handy"), instead of someone who reheats Tesco ready-meals.

4. Skandium

We go back across the road for Skandium, filled with Scandinavian designer home goods.

5. Oxfam Book Shop

The better books that are donated to Oxfam find their way to this bookshop. I'll be browsing vintage interior design books.

6. Food - Moxton Street

For food, we turn down Moxton street. You'll find the celebrated butcher, the Ginger Pig and La Fromagerie with its glass cheese room. On Sunday mornings, we can go to the Marylebone Farmer's Market and pick up some beautifully aged steaks for dinner.

7. Providores

We stop at Providores - my favorite place for brunch on either side of the Atlantic. Whatever you order, get a coffee - it's very good and that's a rarity in London.

8. Monocle Shop

Marylebone is headquarters to Moncole magazine, and the first (teeny) Moncole shop. We pop in for cooler-than-thou homewares and accessories we can't find anywhere else.

9. V.V. Rouleaux

If you're invited to an English wedding, I'd suggest a detour down Marylebone Lane for V.V. Rouleaux, a passementerie paradise of ribbons, feathers and baubles. Come here to craft a chic fascinator for the event.

10. The Button Queen

We continue down the lane for The Button Queen, purveyor of buttons, old and new. I have spent two hours in here looking for buttons for a vintage coat. But we can just peek in the window.

Now we're on the cusp of Oxford street, and there's a lot more stores, notably: Selfridges department store as well as a Mulberry and Margaret Howell. But this is where Marylebone ends. If you visit, let me know your favorite stores - there are so many I didn't mention.

What is your favorite shopping street? Let me know in the comments,