One Ipad, 10 Ways to Save Time, Save Space and Be More Organized

Follow me for 24 hours and see the 10 ways I use my iPad through the day to save time, save space and be more organized.

Nightstand , free

7:00am:  I wake up with the Nightstand app

Wake up with this alarm clock app, that plays church bells that start softly and get louder. You can snooze and it will update when you travel. The iPad is docked upright and charges over night, and it saves space on my nightstand.

Note: To stop the alarm, you need to access the app, which means entering a password if your iPad is password-protected. This can be a bit much if you just want to press the snooze button.


7:10am: Work out to a video on Amazon Instant Video app

I do the 30 Day Shred workouts by Jillian Michaels, at $1.99 per episode. It's got an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars from 4,000+ people. In less time than it takes most people to get to the gym, I get a full body workout with toning, cardio and stretching.

7:30am: Get educated with talks on the TED app or the Podcast app

While I get ready for work, it's easier to listen than to watch something, and it's nice to get an education while brushing your teeth.

New York Times , app is free, the subscription is $5 per week

New York Times, app is free, the subscription is $5 per week

New Yorker , app is free, the subscription is $5.99 /mnth

New Yorker, app is free, the subscription is $5.99 /mnth

8:30am: Read the latest news with digital editions of the New York Times or the New Yorker

No more wrestling with a huge flapping newspaper on the subway. But before you leave the house, you have to open the app and give it 5 seconds to refresh. Otherwise, you're reading yesterday's news!

Noteshelf , $4.99

Noteshelf, $4.99

My handwriting on Noteshelf. Evernote can read this! Can you?

My handwriting on Noteshelf. Evernote can read this! Can you?

9:00am-5:00pm: Take notes on Noteshelf

Writing on an iPad combines the ease of writing with a pen and paper with the convenience of storing and finding electronic documents.

My favorite writing app is Noteshelf.  It has all three features that a writing app should have: (1) It should have an area to rest your wrist while you write, (2) It should have a magnify mode. Using a stylus is like writing with a crayon. The magnify mode lets you write big on the screen, and show smaller on the page. (3) The inking should be fluid. The inking on Noteshelf is wonderfully smooth. I've included a picture of my handwriting on Noteshelf, so judge for yourself.

Your writing will be a fraction slower on an iPad than writing with a pen on paper. I don't mind, but you might.

You can email these notes to yourself or colleagues, or upload them to Evernote, an app that stores and organizes documents. And here's the most wonderful thing: Evernote can search these notes. For example, if I searched for the word "writing" in Evernote, the note in the above handwriting picture would be found with the word "writing" highlighted. Brilliant!

Evernote syncs to the cloud - see your company's policies on this.

Trent Limir Stylus  from Amazon, $8.95

Trent Limir Stylus from Amazon, $8.95

To write on an iPad, you'll need a stylus. The best (and I have tried 5 kinds) is the Trent Limir Stylus. It has a metal mesh nib, which is much more durable than the usual rubber/foam nibs. It's also got a normal pen on the other end. This is very useful - I don't know how many times I've wanted a real pen but only had a stylus.

Pages , $9.99

Pages, $9.99

GoodReader , $4.99

GoodReader, $4.99

9:00am-5:00pm: Read and write with Pages and GoodReader

Since you hold an iPad like a piece of paper, it feels more natural for reading than your computer screen. Instead of printing, email your docs to your iPad and use Apple's own Pages app to read Word docs and GoodReader to read pdfs.

GoodReader also lets you write on pdfs, which is useful for a few things:

  • writing on meeting notes or docs you're reviewing
  • filling out forms - typically, you need to print it out, fill it in, scan it then email it back. Not anymore!

With these two apps I've traveled to all-day meetings with just my iPad.

Calendar app that comes with the Ipad

Calendar app that comes with the Ipad

9:00am-5:00pm: Keep track of my appointments on the Calendar App

It combines my work calendar with my personal Google calendars. Not great for adding appointments, but good for alerting me when I have an appointment.

Evernote , free

Evernote, free

Seamless , free

Seamless, free

7:00pm: iPad, feed me!

I cook from those recipes I've saved in to my Evernote app. I clip those recipes I like online using Evernote's web clipper, tag them with the word "recipe" and I can later search this tag together with whatever word I want, like "dinner" or "chicken".

Or, I forget all that and order-in using my Seamless web app.

YouTube , free

YouTube, free

8:00pm: Be entertained with music, TV, blogs and magazines

TV: There is interesting original programming being produced by people on YouTube. Subscribe to a few channels and you'll find something different to watch every time you open your app.

Pandora,  free

Music: I like Pandora for music playlists, because constructing your own is sometimes too hard.

Feedly , free

Feedly, free

Blogs: I read blogs from my Feedly app. Feedly aggregates all your blogs into one place, with your home page showing a picture and the first few sentences of each blog post. It will pull in any blog at all - just give it the URL. I love it - it saves time going from blog to blog.

Zinio , free

Zinio, free

Magazines: I no longer get hard copy magazines - I only read them on my Zinio app. This saves some trees, reduces my incoming snail mail and, instead of tearing out the pages I like and filing them (or losing them), I take a screen shot and email it to Evernote. The text within these pages are searchable in Evernote. Very cool. Did I say that already? I'll stop now.

Kindle , free

Kindle, free

10:30pm Read books in bed on my Kindle App

Did you know that the New York Public Library lets you borrow books on Amazon? It's free! There are no late fees (when you have reached the end of your borrowing period, the book disappears from your iPad. You can also renew books online.) There is a limited selection, but if they have it, it's very convenient. NYPL ebooks are here. If you're not in NYC, check with your local library.

And that's it! Now, this is a brand new blog, so I could use all the help I can get! If you liked this post, press the SHARE button at the top and tell your friends. In the comments section, tell me the apps that you find useful. I'd love to know.

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