How to Deal with the Boxes from Online Shopping

It's a treat to get parcels from online shopping - it's like Christmas every day. But after a week, you have boxes covering your living room. So here are the 5 things you'll need to deal with your online shopping efficiently. Get these items and keep them by your front door.


1. A Stanley Knife

To open and break-down boxes. Also good for deflating plastic air filled packaging. Stanley 6-Inch Classic Retractable Utility Knife, $4 from Amazon.

2. Scissors

Step 2 in opening boxes. Fiskars 8-inch multi-purpose scissors, $9 from Amazon.


3. Tape

If you need to return it, it's easiest to do it immediately. That's when you have the forms and packaging in front of you. So, when you open your package, do what ever you need to do to figure out if you're going to keep it.

You'll need tape to tape up the box again for the return. Scotch Packaging Tape Dispenser, 1.8" x 800", $3 from Amazon.


4. Permanent Marker

This is also for returns, to write a return address or to scribble out your own address on the box, if it's still showing. Sharpie King Sized Permanent Marker, $5 for a pack of 4, from Amazon.

5. Magazine rack

For recycling, I need to break down my boxes flat. Stack them in a magazine rack until it's time to take them out for recycling. I have yet to find the ultimate rack, so here's my dream rack from 1st Dibs (it's $1,200).

I wish you happy online shopping.

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