4 Shops with a Singular Devotion to Stationery

If you've got a desk job, then pencils, pens and notepads are the tools of your trade. And these four stationery stores let you practice your trade in style. They do this with a a singular devotion to stationery. Some source it from around the world, some have vintage lots of stationery and some make their own. They sit on both sides of the Atlantic, and you can find them online here:

Last summer, I found Choosing Keeping behind a Victorian store-front along Columbia Road, London. Choosing Keeping sources stationery from all around the world, including the UK, Italy and Japan. I love their Kaweco clutch pencils (16 pounds) and I couldn't resist buying these double-sided pencils (3 pounds) (one end is red and the other blue - pictured above). My Italian friend said she used similar ones at school. One side to write, and the other side to correct.

Go to this website. It's a wonderful little corner of the internet. Present and Correct's sells stationery with a vintage feel, with some actual vintage things mixed in, like these old Belgian invoice books (10 pounds). Most of the things on this site, I've never seen anywhere else, like this ideas notebook (6.50 pounds) and brass bull dog clip (6 pounds).

Public Supply is a New York outfit that makes and sells good-look notebooks (USD$12) in New Jersey and gives 25% of their profits to support creativity in schools in the USA. If you like Muji notebooks but wish for something slightly more stylish, in more colors, then this is for you.

I am trying to find a good excuse to buy these pricey-but-beautiful custom self-inking stamps from WMS&Co (from USD$135). For example, it would make a good Christmas gift, with the recipient's name and address, for an easy way to stamp a return address on mail. So gorgeous. So expensive.

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