Holiday Gift Guide for Men

It's hard to buy gifts for men, especially if they aren't particularly stylish, or wish to be. They, for sure, have some other interests like ice-caving or plane-spotting, but it's fool-hardy for an amateur to buy gifts for these hobbies.

That's why this gift list is longer. I figure you need all the help you can get. There's things here for men who are a little bit dashing, for a man about to go on vacation, for a techno-phile or - for men who are truly hard to buy for - some food gifts. They still have to eat, right?

This silver-plated vintage cocktail shaker from Etsy shop michaelthompson1 (USD$36) is a step above the usual stainless steel shakers. You can find others with this Etsy search (search for: silver cocktail shaker, then Item Type = Vintage). Pair it with this tiger-maple Mojito muddler from CattailsWoodwork, also on Etsy (USD$27).

One year, I got dad some Prada gloves, which he unwrapped and said "Are they leather? Yes? Very nice." Right. You don't need to spend a tonne of money to get some good-looking gloves like these (USD$60) from Kaufman Mercantile.

If your friend is planning a big vacation, then one of these Herb Lester maps (GBP4) will be an extremely thoughtful gift.

Murray's is a temple to cheese just down the road from me. They do a great cheese-of-the-month club (USD$275) and a meat of the month club. Yum.

To absorb the moisture from shoes, this shoe tree is unvarnished, and awfully handsome. Good for your more sartorially-inclined friends. (See my post on How to Care for Your Shoes). 

It's handy to have multiple headsets. I have these and that for the price (USD$25, Amazon) it is super-luxurious - both the headset itself and the packaging. Makes for a neat little gift.

Does your friend have a rectangular dining table? If yes, then they can turn it into a table tennis table with this kit. This is a fun Christmas present - you can whip it out and play it right then-and-there. (USD$28 from Restoration Hardware).


If your friend has an iPad, this solid-walnut stand is useful, cheap and good-looking. Get it on Etsy shop btrWoodWorksUSD$12

Everyone needs a water bottle, and this one from S'well, in matte black, is very nice indeed. Get a 17oz bottle for USD$35 from Jack Spade.

Once you buy your gift, you'll need to wrap it. One year I found this fantastic video from Eddie Ross on how to tie a bow on a gift box. It was a revelation. It is not as obvious as you would think - watch and learn.

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