Our Shop is Open + Thoughts on Lean Living

Have you heard of the lean closet movement? It was started by Cuyana, a fashion start up that advocates "fewer, better things".

I love this concept, not just for clothes, but for everything. So let's call it the lean living movement. It's not as austere as, say, Graham Hill's way of life, that he famously wrote about in the New York Times. Life in a 420 square foot studio, with 6 shirts and 10 bowls is not for me.

It is about having what you need to make your life easier, but no more than that. Ideally, the things you do have are beautiful, last a lifetime and are a joy to use.

There are a few steps to this way of life:

1. Getting rid of things

Get rid of the things you no longer use. You waste time taking care of these things and searching for the things you want amidst all those things you don't need.

Also, don't have things only for special occasions. There is something sad about a dinner set that goes unused for years because there is no occasion special enough. Life is special. Use your stuff or get rid of it.

2. Buying good things

Buy things that are well-made and can be repaired. Make sure you enjoy using them and that they aren't too fussy. For things that fit the bill, check out our new shop.

3. Repairing those things

Find a good tailor, cobbler and upholsterer. Get a good handyman or some DIY skills of your own.

Expect more on lean living in future blog posts.

Opening of the SHOP!

Working Girl Press has opened a shop! It's not so much a shop, but a curated list of things I think you'll like, with a link to where you can buy them. The things in the shop adhere to the ideals of lean living.

The shop will be updated with new things weekly. Check it out, and let me know what you think in the comments.

UPDATE: I'm no longer updating the shop. By all means, have a look, but I apologize for the formatting and for any ghost links.

Some things from the Shop...


Lyngseidet Epic Poster,GBP230: Lyngseidet, Norway from the National Martime Museum, taken in 1965. Size is fully customizable and this price is for a 6' (180cm) poster. This is an affordable way to get big art. Worldwide shipping and pricing. From Surface View.

Sahn Helmet, USD$129: I know I need a helmet, but this is the first one that I've wanted. Discovered at Adeline Adeline, a pretty bike shop in Tribeca. 

Vintage Walnut Jars, USD$28: Tiny walnut jars that could perhaps you tidy up your vanity, holding q tips, hair pins or safety pins. From ObjectOfBeauty on Etsy.