Tour of My Part of London on a Sunny Weekend

Readers will know that I spend half the time in New York, one third in London and the rest in random cities around the world.

I was in London last weekend and it was sunny! So come along for a weekend stroll around my part of London.

My apartment in St John's Wood.

This is my apartment in St John's Wood. It is rather nice and it has a doorman - a rare thing in London. It backs onto the American School - I can hear screaming American children on weekday mornings. A lovely thing to wake up to.

Cool Cars

Nissan Figaro.

Nissan Figaro.

Alfa Romeo, I think

Alfa Romeo, I think

My neighborhood has the coolest cars. I can't drive but if I could, I'd get a Nissan Figaro (left). They are new but vintage-looking.

Huge Parks

The view from Primrose Hill

The view from Primrose Hill

I go for a walk in Regent's Park most weekends. It's huge - over 400 acres. It used to be a hunting park for Henry VIII. Now, I walk past amatuer soccer matches, peek into the London Zoo and go to the outdoor amphitheatre, all within the Park.

Primrose Hill joins the north-end of Regent's Park. With a bit of huffing and puffing you can get a good view over London.

House Envy

Chalcot square in Primrose Hill, next door to St John's Wood

This is Chalcot Square in the Primrose Hill neighborhood. It's got streets of colorful townhouses. It was sunny last Saturday and the square was filled with children.

Primrose Hill and St John's Wood also have streets with huge houses like this one.

The Canal

On the weekend my friend and I jumped on some Borris bikes and cycled from St John's Wood to Columbia Road flower market, along Regent's Canal. (It took 2 hours. I am quite sore right now). Regent's Canal runs along the top of Regents Park and makes for a very charming walk or cycle. It is FULL of people on the weekends, so cycling was a bit of a stop-and-start affair, with a few bike-in-canal close-shaves.


Some lucky people get to live right on the canal. First, you'll see some canal-side townhouses, then, going further east there are a lot of charming warehouse conversions, as it used to be an industrial part of town. Keep going, and you'll see some interesting new-build apartments - like the one above, with the balconies covered in greenery. Canal boat-living is also popular - Richard Branson used to live on one.

And lastly, this is a leisure center on the canal. I've seen groups of kids splash around in the canoes here. Fun. If anyone can guess how this wooden structure is supposed to be used, let me know in the comments!