Working Girl Press Guide to Business Travel

From Austin to Zurich, I travel 100+ days of the year to see clients, speak at conferences and attend Board meetings. Along the way I've lost luggage, I've fallen asleep in an airport lounge and missed my flight and I've managed to pack no underwear for a two week trip.

But, I still know a thing or two about business travel that perhaps you can benefit from. In my eBook "Working Girl Press Guide to Business Travel" I've rolled up four blog posts:

  1. Working Girl's Guide to Carry-on Luggage. I look for 5 things in my carry-on: size, weight, convenience, durability, warranty.
  2. 8 Packing Accessories for Successful Business Travel. Accessories to corral your luggage for quick and compact packing.
  3. The Ultimate Packing List for Business Travel. I like to pack light, but still look polished for my meetings when I get there. Here's a packing list that lets you achieve both.
  4. How to Hit the Ground Running. There's lots of things to do and keep track of for business travel. Stay organized without spending a lot of time organizing.

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