The Biggest and Best List of Online Consignment Stores

Chloe, Prada, Louboutin, oh my! Lately, there's been an explosion of online consignment stores and market places. I've compiled a list of 13 consignment sites below, with a hand-picked item from each, to give you some idea of what they have.

For those who don't know, consignment stores sell used designer clothing. They offer great quality at a great price. It's also good for the environment and you can find unusual things.

First, some tips on online consignment shopping:

  • Return policy. We are used to very generous return policies thanks to the likes of Amazon and Sephora. This is not so for online consignment shopping. Understand the policy before you buy.
  • Shipping. Note that some of these sites take a long time to ship - up to three weeks. 
  • Timeliness. Things can go quickly. A few items I'm listing below were available when I was browsing, but not 2 hours later.

I've grouped the 13 online consignment sites into three categories: (1) online consignment shops (2) consignment flash sales and (3) consignment market places. These categories have their pros and cons. Read on...

Online Consignment Shops

Some of these are traditional physical shops with an online presence. As a result, they are well-curated, are professional and reliable BUT have a small selection.

Louboutin red canvas pumps,  USD$298

Louboutin red canvas pumps, USD$298

Closet Rich

A small online consignment store, with edgy items at good prices.  I say edgy, but they did have a bunch of pretty Louboutins for $300 at the time of writing.

Do they have what I want? Maybe. It's small - I found three pairs of heels in m size (size 8.5).

Things to note: They also make oddly well-produced videos. Here.

Returns policy: Returns within 14 days. You pay shipping and handling. More here.

Octovo iPad case,  USD$150

Octovo iPad case, USD$150


I often swing by INA's Soho, NYC shop after brunch on the weekend. It's affordable and well-curated.

Do they have what I want? They only have a few things online. Around 10+ size 8.5 heels at the time of writing.

Things to note: I like that they have many physical shops in NYC. Gives me a feeling of confidence in the site.

Returns policy: Their return policy is simple - there are no returns. More details here.

Hermes scarf,  USD$300

Hermes scarf, USD$300


Portero sell high-end bags, scarves, jewelry and watches, all in great condition.

Do they have what I want? At the time of writing, for example, they had ten Celine handbags and seven pieces of Chanel jewelry

Returns policy: Returns generally within 7 days, unless marked as a final sale.

Louboutin red satin D'Orsay pumps, USD$220

Louboutin red satin D'Orsay pumps, USD$220

Revival Boutique

Great prices. If I were are size 7 I would buy the Louboutins pictured here immediately, and then go out dancing. Someone buy them, please!

Do they have what I want? It's small. For example, right now they have four size-8.5 heels and eight Hermes scarves.

Returns policy: Returns only on clothing in original condition within 14 days. More here.

Consignment Flash Sales

Flash sales are fun, but also an enormous waste of time - beware! That's why I like the smaller,  well-curated flash sales from LXR & Co.

Dries Van Noten briefcase,  USD$195

Dries Van Noten briefcase, USD$195

LXR & Co

I have never been keen on flash sales but I find LXR & Co strangely compelling. They sell handbags, accessories and jewelry from designers like Chanel, Hermes and Cartier, but no shoes or clothes. 

They have good prices (around 50% off retail) and are very professional. I was introduced through Jean on last year and subsequently bought a Chanel brooch that I use to replace a button on a coat. 

Do they have what I want? A flash sale every day. Their most recent on "Little Leather Goods" has 50 items.

Things to note: Orders take 2-3 weeks to get to you.

Returns policy: A good consignment returns policy - you can return within 10 days for any reason, and they charge a $15 fee to cover shipping and handling. More here.

Prada Satin Pouch,  USD$125

Prada Satin Pouch, USD$125

The Real Real

Flash sales for all things fashion.  Well-curated, good prices, but with 100's of items in each flash sale, it can get exhausting. 

Do they have what I want? Maybe, but it might exhaust you to find it.

Things to note: They also sell fine jewelry and watches

Returns policy: Generous return policy for clothes and shoes only: return within 14 days. More here.

Consignment Market Places

Think of eBay + Instagram + Facebook mashed up together, and you get the new consignment market places. You can buy, sell, curate a feed and follow other's feeds. Pros: they have a huge selection, Cons: their returns policy can be horrible, and that means it's very much buyer-beware. Some are U.S. only.

Prada kitten heels,  USD$100

Prada kitten heels, USD$100


Poshmark is like eBay, but dedicated to fashion, and with a social element (you follow people's feeds). It's huge, with lots of low-end and high-end items.  It's cheap, but has a tight returns policy. Read a full review from

Do they have what I want? The listings are essentially infinite. Do not even try to look at every high heeled shoe in your size. Or you will grow old. Your plants will need watering. 

Things to note: Only available in the USA. You can bargain.

Returns policy: Return within 3 days if faulty or falsely advertised. More here.

Vintage Celine Backpack,  USD$566

Vintage Celine Backpack, USD$566

Bib and Tuck 

This is a market place where you can buy and sell your designer items. It feels like a peer-to-peer Barneys: they encourage Alexander Wang and Givenchy, but not Juicy Sweatpants or Forever 21.

Do they have what I want? Lot's of stock. To give you some idea, there's over 100+ size 8.5 heels.

Things to note: You can email sellers to negotiate. It's only in the USA.

Returns policy: 3 days to return clothes and shoes ONLY. More here.

Dries Van Noten belt, USD$55

Dries Van Noten belt, USD$55

Shop Hers

Shop Hers is like Neiman Marcus for gently used fashion. Here's a review from Wendy in the comment's section from The High Low: "Shop Hers is outstanding – especially in service...! Their merchandise is ...priced exceptionally well, ...I bought 2 Hemes scarves: one ...sold on RR & its twin was being sold on SH – the one on SH was $100.00 less!!"

Do they have what I want? Very big. Too many things to count.

Returns policy: For a marketplace, Shop Hers has a good returns policy: you can return within 14 days for any reason. You pay shipping and 5% restocking fee. More here.

DVF wrap dress,  USD$76

DVF wrap dress, USD$76

Thread Flip

Thread Flip leans towards more lower-end items, but has so much stuff, that there is still 100 things from Prada, and even five items from Proenza Schouler. It is cheap, but has a strict returns policy.

Do they have what I want? The site is huge. You can filter by designer.

Returns policy: Return policies are at the discretion of the seller. Returns within 3 days if faulty, fake or falsely advertised. More here.

YSL leopard silk square,  USD$125

YSL leopard silk square, USD$125


Huge site with a great selection. Let's you select "Luxury Brands" or "Cheap and Chic" to whittle down your browsing.

Do they have what I want? I just searched for heels under "luxury brands" in size 8.5 and got 200 items. Fabulous! This may be my new go-to site for shoe shopping.

Returns policy: 3 days to return items for any reason for store credit. Wedding items have more restrictions. More here.

Chanel necklace,  USD$245

Chanel necklace, USD$245


Vaunte sells high-end clothes from fashionistas. Think fashion bloggers with a strong following and "it" girl types. Well-curated, and while some things can be expensive, some things can be surprisingly cheap (e.g. USD$300 for a full-length Max Mara coat).

Do they have what I want? They have items from Akris Punto, Brunello Cucinelli and other designers you may not find on other consignment sites.

Returns policy: They accept returns on Vaunte listed items, not member-listed items. For clothes and shoes only, not jewellery, accessories, etc. within 14 days. More here

Louboutin pink satin Very Pirve pumps  USD$295

Louboutin pink satin Very Pirve pumps USD$295

Walk in my Closet

High-end, with some great finds (like the pink satin shoes here) but, strangely, most things are not my style.

Do they have what I want? They have, for example, 20 heels of size 8.5.

Returns policy: You cannot return items unless they are damaged, don't meet the description, it's the wrong item or it's counterfeit. More here.

This list may result in whole days lost browsing. There's just. so. much. stuff. To solve this problem, I've curated a Pinterest board on the Best of Online Consignment. I can't do it on my own, so email me ( and I'll add you as an editor to the board.

Please share in the comments if you've shopped from these sites. Or let me know of sites I've missed.

Happy shopping!

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