Hermes HerBag: The Ultimate Work Bag?

Last year I began a hunt for a new bag for work and every day. I am a one-hand-bag-at-any-one-time type of girl. I can't be bothered to switch between handbags. So any time I get a new handbag, it's a big event. Here were my criteria:

Work handbag criteria

  • Something that could fit my iPad, a wallet, my blackberry and a few other small items, but not too big
  • Something light. Lately, I am feeling old. I cannot handle something weighing down my shoulder any more.
  • Something classic and work-appropriate. Nothing too rock-n-roll.
  • Something that not everyone has (hence ruling out the Prada Saffiano tote)

And lo and behold I found the *almost* perfect handbag for work: the Hermes HerBag. These are similar to the famous Hermes Kelly bag, except the body is canvas. I love it. I don't understand why I have never heard of it before. It checks all my criteria - it's just the right size, the canvas makes it super-light and it is the definition of classic. Other great things are:

Same bag, but with the black body. I use this color in winter.

Same bag, but with the black body. I use this color in winter.

Other great things about the Hermes HerBag:

  • the canvas body can be switched. Mine came with a black canvas body that I use in the winter. I could buy more canvas bodies for more looks or, I've thought about buying my own material and getting some made.
  • You can use the shoulder strap or hold it with the shorter handle, like a briefcase, and pretend you are Melanie Griffiths from Working Girl.
  • It didn't cost, like, $10,000. Mine was vintage and around $550 on eBay.
  • I love the craft and construction of it. It is very simply and elegantly designed. You really appreciate this when you switch the canvas body - it's a metal rod, a metal clasp and four individual pieces of leather, none of which are sewn together.

I say *almost* perfect, so here's some not so great things about this bag:

Some not so great things about the Hermes HerBag:

  • The leather gets dirty. If you compare the picture of the black Herbag (newer, cleaner) with the beige one (older, dirtier), you can see the difference. I haven't figured out how to clean it, if you even can. In hindsight, I should have used something to protect the leather, especially around the clasp.
  • It is hard to open and close. It's a bit of a challenge to close it with one hand.
  • It can't hold bulky items, since the bag closes flat across the top. It can barely hold a pair of heels.

Where to buy:

The bag was introduced to me by a flash sale on LXR&Co, but I ended up buying mine on eBay. LXR&Co have a few now for around USD$700.

Find out more

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