5 Ways to Workout if You Have Hardly Any Time and Hardly Any Equipment

Since I travel so much for work, I had to figure out a way to workout quickly, no matter where I was. Here are 5 solutions that I've found for quick workouts you can do anywhere, with hardly any equipment:

1. Jogging

Let's starting with an obvious one: jogging. You just need sneakers, and you get to see the neighborhood, which may be the only chance you get if you're traveling for business. However, I've been falling apart over the years and jogging is hard on my joints.

What is it?

A serious aerobic workout

What you'll need

- sneakers

2. Amazon Workout Videos

Jillian Michael's 30 day shred is a 20 minute long workout with 3,435 five-star reviews on Amazon. I can't explain why Jillian's workouts are better than other people's, suffice to say that her exercises are novel and effective. You know when you do an exercise and wonder "is this really working out a muscle?" or, think "this routine is so complicated I've spent more time learning it than working out" or, "if I do one more grapevine move I will top myself"? This doesn't happen when you're doing Jillian's workout videos.

Now, the 30 day shred has three workouts, which could get repetitive. Thankfully, Jillian has been quite prolific, and a bunch of her other workouts are free if you have Amazon Prime. Many take longer than 20 minutes, but I do one warm up set, a few workout sets and just stop when I hit the 17 minute mark to stretch.

What is it?

20 minute+ aerobic and strength, full body workouts

What you'll need

- workout mat (or a carpeted hotel room)

- dumbbells (or bottles of hotel water). I like the 1, 2, and 3 pound ones. It seems light but not when you're jumping around at the same time.

- tablet and stand or a laptop

- sneakers, although I've done without on occassion

3. YouTube Workout Videos

There are a bunch of fitness channels on YouTube, some that post "professional" workout videos and some that are started by individuals with a passion for working out and a video camera. Watch a channel's most popular videos to see if it works for you. Here are two channels that I like:

BeFit is a channel with 1.4 million subscribers that posts new workout videos daily. I use it when I'm overseas and can't play Jillian Michael's workouts on Amazon, since BeFit as a few of her workouts as well. I also subscribe for unexpected videos like vintage 90's workouts by Paula Abdul and some random ballet workouts that are basically 20 minutes where you flap your arms like a swan.

Blogilates shows Cassey Ho combining pilates with top 40 pop music for the enjoyment of her 1.6 million subscribers. One of the most popular videos has Cassey doing squats for 5 minutes to Call Me Maybe. You'll either love it or hate it.

What is it?

YouTube has a huge variety of videos, so you can find whatever you want. The made-for-YouTube videos tend towards short, 5 minute workouts.

What you'll need

Some of the videos require nothing, and some need modest equipment, like a mat and some dumbbells.

4. Workout Apps

Sworkit is a free app that builds randomized circuit training workouts that you can do anywhere, with no equipment. And no music. Someone just tells you "Next exercise....Spiderman pushup" then there's a countdown to how long they want you to do it, with a static picture of a girl doing it. If you don't know what a Spiderman pushup is, press a button and it shows you a video of that move. Verdict? Great for a 5-15 minute hotel room workout. Longer than that could get boring. 

What is it?

5 to 45 minute, minimalist circuit training workouts

What you'll need

- sneakers, although there are exercises that don't even require this

5. Workouts in Print

In 2013, the New York Times published this 7 minute scientific workout, that distills all the latest research into a short, high-intensity workout. You only need a chair and a wall.

Other good workouts that you can follow in print can be found online from Whole Living by Martha Stewart, like this quick 15 minute workout.

What is it?

Short circuit training workouts

What you'll need

- a chair and a wall