Love the hair Molly

Love the hair Molly

Links I Like: Network like a CIA Agent, Google Flights & Molly Ringwald's Hair


Network like a CIA agent: When a CIA agent needs to work their way into a group, they make sure they have a "hook": a reason to meet once, a reason to connect and a reason to keep on meeting. Read more on Lifehacker.

Travel Ever heard of it? Neither have I. But if you're searching for flights in a hurry, it gives lightning fast results. Is it the cheapest? Probably not, according to these reviews on the New York Times and the Telegraph. But it's getting better. Must be nerve-wracking when Google enters your market.


I like the quality and simplicity of Japanese homewares. Usually hard to find outside of Japan, I've found two U.S.-based Japanese homeware shops: rikumo and Nalata Nalta. I like the thin chambray towels and the Saito Wood Co waste basket.


I am really liking 80's hair. Like Molly Ringwald's hair here, in the Breakfast Club. Or Cybill Shepherd's hair in Moonlighting (see it here). It's very grown up, very sexy. Am I crazy? You tell me.


My husband and I are not romantic. At. All. But I read this oddly titled article To Fall in Love with Anyone, Do This, and we tried the 36 questions. They say, to feel loved is to feel that someone really knows you. And these 36 questions, each more intimate than the next, are meant to accelerate that intimacy. We went through the list at dinner time and, although we have known each other for 15 years, I found out new and surprising things.

It's corny, but it works. Try it.

And I leave you with some pictures of Uetliberg, Switzerland, where I went for a very snowy offsite meeting last week. 1. The train 2. The walk to the hotel and 3. my very inappropriate shoes.

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