Removing the Ugly from A Corporate Office

I have a new job, and that means a new office to decorate. Exciting!

Unfortunately I have to deal with a lot of dark browny-red fake wood furniture, paired with navy blue carpet and (thankfully) white walls. Think ugly and then multiply it by a zillion. 

This is not a unique challenge. Every office I have had starts out super ugly. (Why? Why??). But that is part of the fun - figuring out how to take a background of ugly and turn it into something you feel at home in.

I am finding Nicholas Felton's office (below) very inspiring. It's certainly not pinterest gold, but I think I like it because it's accessible. I look at it and think "yes, I can do this".

With Nicholas' office in mind, my shopping list is  below. Firstly, one giant, shiny white frame, with a riotous colored print. Then, lots of white, blonde wood accessories and a touch of black and gold.

1. A big shiny white IKEA RIBBA frame ($25) with this colorful print by Louisa Cookson (£130) of Columbia Road flower market.

2. I'll neutralize my dark red desk with this leather mat from Lucrin ($244).

3. Need a desk totchke, like this mini sculpture from Jonathan Adler ($225).

4. Desk supplies look neater on a tray. I like this lucite captains tray by Katy Skelton ($125)

5. Azmaya tissue box from Nalata Nalata ($90).

6. A wall clock is a good idea. This one is from Muji ($50).


7. I don't need more light. But a desk lamp will make my office feel more like a study ($600)

8. Cover up the chairs too (also very, very ugly) with this IKEA sheepskin ($30).


9. Stay hydrated. I like this s'well bottle ($45).


10. This PostalCo wall calendar will disguise a big, unused cupboard ($19).


11. A mirror to make sure I don't look like a disaster as the day wears on. IKEA ($100).

So there you are. And now, I'm curious to know how you remove the ugly from your office?

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