Joe's Coffee, West Village NYC. My local coffee shop on a very hot July day.

Joe's Coffee, West Village NYC. My local coffee shop on a very hot July day.

Links I Like: Vogue's Advice on How to Look Cool in a Suit, Indoor Trees, & Affordable Louboutins

My first post for the year, and it's already July! Woops. What have I been doing? This summer I went to Rome, Zurich, Savannah and Charleston. I have been catching Pokemon (53 so far). I KonMari-ed my apartment. 

And.. here are the links that I've saved up this whole time, just to share with you.


Vogue's 5 Ways to Look Cool in a Suit This Spring. Basically, make it look less corporate, and more like you are a Vogue model, all long and slouchy-chic. Piece. of. cake.


I went to Atlanta, Savannah and Charleston in May. For the best dining recommendations, I used the travel section of the New York Times. Do not look anywhere else. Trying to find good recommendations from food blogs, Opentable or Yelp lead us to very ho-hum places. But the NY Times gave us fantastic food every time.


One Kings Lane blogged on Potting an Indoor Tree in 3 Easy Steps. Click on it just to see the styling idea: a lemon tree in a blue Chinese ceramic pot. It's very classy. I got my lemon tree online and I have a blue Chinese pot already, but you can get one at Pearl River if you're in NYC. 

Now, my tree died.  But it was very pretty while it lasted.


I have been reminding girlfriends that a great place to shop is TheRealReal, a gigantic online consignment store. It is affordable, has great variety, a good returns policy and it ships around the world. I wrote about it a few years ago here, in a round-up of online consignment stores.

Last three things I bought from TheRealReal were all shoes, and all fabulous. Check them out: these Black Louboutin pumps ($310), white Ancient Greek Sandals ($100. Saw it in the Weekend FT) and black Prada booties ($105. Bargain).


If you like to read newspapers and magazines, then you will like The Browser. It's a site that finds 5 of the best articles online every day. One of my favorites is this 1950's article by Harper Lee, about a Christmas in New York.

I leave you with pictures of my Pokemon exploits. 

Pokemon in the kitchen

Pokemon in the kitchen

Pidgey in the office elevator bank

Pidgey in the office elevator bank

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